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    Offshore Funds

    The range has been designed with the aim of bringing our Namibian clients an optimised offshore investing solution, in partnership with M&G plc, our London-listed global parent company.

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    Our offshore unit trust range

    We offer a range of global funds investing in either single or multiple asset classes. These include the M&G Global Equity, Balanced, Inflation Plus, Property and Bond Funds.


    US dollar funds

    Our US dollar-denominated funds are a great option if you already have foreign currency that you’re looking to invest or if you’re planning to purchase US dollars using rands.


    Why should I invest offshore?

    Investing offshore is a great way for you to diversify your investment. Not only do you get access to stocks and sectors underrepresented on the JSE, they also serve as a hedge against emerging-market risks.


    Diversification benefits

    Our range of global funds provides Namibians with attractive holdings in fast-growing countries, industries and companies underrepresented in our stock market, while also acting as a cushion against emerging market volatility.

    Competitive fees

    We recognise that costs for offshore solutions can be onerous. We have an advantage in this regard: leveraging off of M&G Investments’ (UK) large scale and longstanding relationships in Ireland, we have successfully negotiated attractive fees with service providers to ensure a lower impact of costs on our funds. This is reflected in the global funds’ competitive total expense ratios (TERs).

    About M&G Investments offshore fund range

    At M&G Investments, we have a strong team-based approach to managing our funds. Our global funds are managed by an experienced team of portfolio managers at M&G Investments (UK), in close collaboration with our South African-based Multi-Asset team.


    Offshore Funds