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    Corporate Responsibility

    Upskilling for a better future

    At M&G Investments, we define corporate responsibility as the way our company behaves and how we manage our impact on society and the environment.

    The theme across all our corporate social investment commitments can be linked to education and skills development. Every year, we commit substantial resources to driving this essential cause for our people and the broader society, too. Much of this is focused on upskilling people from designated groups. While funding further education for staff, we also identify key skills the local financial services industry requires and sponsor external black students. We achieve this through our initiatives set out below.

    • M&G Investment Analyst Development Programme
    • In-house skills transfer and training
    • FundHouse Coaching Program
    • Leadership Excellence And Development (LEAD)
    • Educating the public through events, written and AV content

    Corporate social investment

    For us, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is being a responsible corporate  citizen by giving back to our communities. Through our broader corporate CSI initiatives, we have chosen to focus on education as the cornerstone of all individual progress and the ability to achieve a decent standard of living.

    This comes with the aim of developing human talent, realising individual potential and transferring practical skills to those young people most in need, while increasing the number of previously disadvantaged people actively participating in the Namibian economy. 

    Aligned to our CSI focus of education, we adopted Izak Buys High School in the Omaheke Region as a CSI beneficiary, giving us the opportunity to invest in a brighter future for our Namibian children, while giving back to an underprivileged community in a rural area. 

    We’re proud to have partnered with this high school, headed by the dynamic and driven Mr Kgosiemang. The school achieved third place out of ten schools regionally for good academic results (% of C or better symbols).

    Nationally, Izak Buys High School ranked 90th out of 322 public schools, which is quite an achievement given that it is the only rural school in the region competing with urban schools at this level.

    The UNAM Foundation was established in 1992. The Foundation’s mandate is to encourage private financial support to enable the University of Namibia to fulfil its mission as the national institute of higher education. In addition, they aim to foster relationships and partnerships in the promotion of higher education. 

    Through this partnership started in 2019, we mandated the Foundation to award bursaries to post-graduate students with excellent academic results. We believe this approach paves the way to upskilling future generations who may not have had the means otherwise, while also creating more employable individuals to strengthen the Namibian economy.