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    About us

    M&G Investments Southern Africa (M&G SA) is a large global investment manager with an admirable long-term local track record of helping our clients achieve their investment goals. We uniquely combine the advantages of the group’s wealth of global resources and expertise with our in-depth understanding of local markets and investor needs, with the aim of consistently growing and protecting our clients’ hard-earned savings over time.

    Offering our clients a unique combination of global resources and local expertise

    Around the world, millions of investors have trusted M&G Investments with their savings for almost a century. We are one of Europe and the UK’s largest and longest established investment houses, with over N$7 trillion in assets under management and administration and a proud heritage dating back to 1931.

    Today we offer clients the benefits derived from the extensive experience of over 6,000 professionals based across the world’s top financial centres like London, Chicago, Zurich, Tokyo, Cape Town and Singapore, collaborating to deliver the best possible client outcomes.

    Our range of world-class investment solutions are designed to meet our clients' diverse risk and return requirements, from AI-based global equity and property funds to top-performing local equity, income and multi-asset funds. We cater for our institutional clients with specialised segregated portfolios to meet their unique requirements, including medical schemes, pension funds and multi-managers. For retail investors, our range our local and offshore unit trust funds are designed to meet a range of risk/ return objectives.


    Our team is focused on our clients

    When we founded our Cape Town office in 1994, and our Windhoek office in 1996, one of our key objectives was to help democratise wealth by helping as many people as possible gain access to vital financial services.

    Our staff’s wide diversity and strong culture of business ownership and responsibility, built up over the years, have been a rich source of inspiration and company excellence, helping us to retain talented and experienced individuals. We also benefit from a flat management structure and our team approach allows our investment professionals to focus on what they do best - managing clients' savings.

    This has ultimately contributed to our consistently strong fund performance and high standards of client service.


    Corporate Governance

    We’re very serious about safeguarding our clients’ assets

    We’re entrusted with the stewardship of our clients’ assets, a responsibility that we take very seriously. Our reputation as responsible, considered investment professionals is important to us, and we must be above reproach when investing on behalf of our clients.


    Responsible Investing

    We are active shareholders with involvement on a number of levels, from directly engaging company management to challenging take-over bids. We also engage other market participants and shareholders, even in cases where we may not necessarily hold the stocks in question.


    Global Presence

    Working closely with M&G plc gives our clients access to global best investment ideas and solutions that have proven to be successful.

    This includes broad global investment themes that Namibians may not have previously been able to access, and cutting-edge, technology-driven solutions.


    We’re a responsible participant in financial markets and our communities

    We define corporate responsibility as the way our company behaves and how we manage our impact on society and the environment.