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    Namibian Funds

    We offer our investors a focused range of unit trusts. Each is managed according to a specific mandate and invests across single or multiple asset classes.

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    What is a unit trust?

    A unit trust (also called a fund) is an investment vehicle that allows you to pool your savings with others to invest in a wide variety of financial markets at a much lower cost.


    Benefits of unit trusts

    Unit trusts are cost effective, well-regulated and transparent. Best of all, your asset allocation decisions are delegated to a team of highly-experienced investment professionals.


    Are unit trusts for me?

    Unit trusts are great if you lack the time or knowledge to manage your own investments, or if you’re looking to benefit from the investment expertise of a professional fund manager.

    How do I choose a unit trust?

    Choosing a unit trusts starts with having a clear understanding of your investment goal, time horizon and risk profile. The next step is to choose a unit trust that matches these objectives.


    Our unit trust range

    Our range of unit trusts invest in a variety of different asset classes, making it the ideal solution for investors with different investment objectives, time horizons and risk profiles. 

    How do I invest?

    Investing with M&G Investments is quick and easy. Once you’ve determined which unit trust/s best meets your needs, you can complete an application form in under 10 minutes.


    Namibian Funds

    • Namibian Funds